Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP)

The Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation was established in 1993 to recognize event professionals who have successfully demonstrated the knowledge, skills and ability essential to perform all components of a special event. ILEA endorses and manages the voluntary CSEP program for those who meet established standards. 

Important Information Regarding the CSEP

A primary mission of the 2019-2022 ILEA Strategic Plan is to collaborate with key stakeholders to promote the importance of industry standards. This includes elevating the CSEP designation as a minimum standard for our segment of the industry and ensuring its relevance for a global audience. 

In 2019 the ILEA Board of Governors, in collaboration with the CSEP Certification Committee, embarked on a year-long journey to review and enhance the CSEP program.  Together with our new testing provider, Yardstick, we are evolving the program. Our partnership has enabled us to modernize the CSEP test-taking system and simplify grading to offer a faster return of scoring for candidates. The revised exam features new questions which assess the most current industry standards and no longer has an essay portion. This move also allows us to offer the exam worldwide with remote proctoring. 

Applications for prospective CSEPs are now being accepted.  Click here to begin!

Recertification is now live for CSEPs due for recertification this year.  Click here to recertify!

The enhanced CSEP exam addresses: 

  • Modernized system for test taking, including offering remote proctoring
  • Simplified system for grading that offers a faster return of scoring for candidates
  • Enhanced data collection for analysis
  • Annual exam development that includes writing new questions and reviewing the current performance of the exam
  • Increased access to the exam worldwide 

The CSEP program is developed to:

  • Increase the proficiency of event professionals
  • Elevate industry standards and practices
  • Establish the level of knowledge and performance necessary for certification
  • Promote the advancement of the special events industry
  • Advance the careers of practitioners
  • Acknowledge the high caliber work of CSEPs and the value of the products and services they provide