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Education Spotlight Series On-Demand Library

ILEA membership benefits include exclusive on-demand webinars and Quick Tip videos in the Education Spotlight Series. These resources are updated monthly and available only to ILEA members.

Quick Tip Videos


Global Event Forum – Demonstrating Our Value 

Moderator: Jodi Collen, CSEP, Senior Event Manager, Corporate Marketing, Be the Match
Panelists: Jane Hague, Head of Business Development, ExCel London; Mark Wells, Senior Vice President, Creative Services, Hello! Destination Management; Leah Wong, VP External Relations, minneapolis downtown council

This webinar continued the conversation from the Global Event Forum about the importance of communicating our value as a profession through the strategy and design phases, and not just the final product. This webinar focused on how we can articulate our professionalism and differentiate ourselves with our clients, and provides additional commentary around the Global Event Forum’s 2019 white paper on this topic.

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Mayhem at Events: More Mayhem 

Presenter: Steven A. Adelman, head of Adelman Law Group PPLC​

At ILEA Live, Event Safety Alliance Vice President Steven A. Adelman offered some thoughts in his top-rated session on how to safely gather people together in our increasingly nervous society.  The conversation became quite animated.  For this webinar, Steve will once again call things by their correct name, address the elephants in the room, and lead us from today’s inky blackness towards the faint light on the horizon. 

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ILEA Education Spotlight Series: Beyond the Plateau - Six Ingredients for Profitability & Growth

Presenter: Eileen Bistrisky, CSEP, CMC, ACC

Many event industry businesses are fantastic at what they do, but they get so busy servicing their clients, that the business itself gets stuck. They may have tons of great ideas, but not the time, systems, or resources to implement new initiatives, so the business hits a plateau. Eileen will share six ingredients that dramatically boost effectiveness and get companies beyond this plateau. She’ll address common roadblocks to scaling your business, and give you tips on how to leverage the six ingredients to get maximal results.

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This webinar is available only to ILEA members in the Communities.

ILEA Live Preview

ILEA Live is the place where the live events community comes to collaborate, learn, and get inspired. This informative webinar offers a snapshot of the activities and themes that will take place at this year’s event.

  • Hear about some of the ways that you will be invited to embrace the dynamic culture of Minneapolis.
  • Learn more about the innovators, visionaries, and creative leaders who will be speaking.
  • Get a sneak peek at some of the new partners and suppliers you will discover through the ILEA Live Marketplace.
  • Prepare to celebrate the best creative works by ILEA members at the Esprit Awards Gala.

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A Simple Recipe for Social Media Success

Presenter: Lawrence Steinert, Microsoft Certified Professional and Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider

As a small business, social media is overwhelming and often feels like you’re just spinning your wheels. You have to figure out where to be, how to be engaging, and how to get results — all with a limited amount of time and resources. In this session, Larry provides a recipe for social media that saves time and gets results to grow your business. You will learn how to choose the right social networks for your business, the 15-minute social media plan and how to get started in the pay-to-play world of social media.

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This webinar is available only to ILEA members in the Communities.

Live Where You Work - Bringing your authentic self to everything you do

Presenter: Kelli Bielema, Events Director, Facebook

Kelli shares experiences from managing employees at Universal Studios Hollywood and Kaiser Permanente to producing events for tech giants such as Facebook and Oculus, where she is currently employed, transitioning from business owner to internal stakeholder. She provides insight on how to create a framework for developing people and processes to have a fruitful, healthy work environment. From on-boarding personnel to coaching leaders of the future, learn how to cultivate your own toolbox into building super performing teams.

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This webinar is available only to ILEA members in the Communities.

Global Events Forum - Unifying the Live Events Industry

Moderator: Kevin White, CSEP
Panelists: Sara Grauf, CSEP, Keri Miller, CSEP, and Dustin Westling, CSEP

Hosted live in January 2019

Continuing the conversation about how the live events industry has struggled to make its professionalism widely understood as essential, this webinar focuses on commoditization in the live events industry: what it is, what it means for the industry, and how to address it.

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